JPMS: An Overview

Initially, JCP (Java Community Process) started developing JPMS(Java Platform Module System) in 2006 as JSR 277, and it was scheduled to be released in Java 7. But for some reason, it wasn’t. In 2008, this JSR was dropped and replaced by JSR 376 under the umbrella of project Jigsaw. Eventually, it was released in Java […]

IntelliJ IDEA: Beyond The Basics

IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate is the most powerful IDE for JVM developers in the market by now. It has support for various JVM frameworks, complex refactorings, Integration with VCS, and many more. Java developers spend a tremendous amount of time in front of their IDEs. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that developers don’t take advantage of IDEA’s powerful […]

Top 5 things I’ve Learned During my Internship

A good internship can provide you with practical work experience and an opportunity to grow and learn before fully entering the working world. This is especially true for us student developers since we’re stuck with the “hello world” based learning. An internship can help with that! After finishing my software development studies at home by […]

Intro to OAuth and OpenID Connect – Part 1

OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect are becoming the de-facto standard for handling authentication and authorization in modern applications. This post is the starting point of a series of posts covering OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect (OIDC). It introduces you to OAuth and OIDC and tells you why you’ll want to leverage these mechanisms when dealing […]

Test Slices in Spring-Boot

One of the early mistakes that I’ve done in my first professional Spring-Boot based project was writing integration tests that load the entire ApplicationContext using @SpringBootTest annotation when there’s no need. Thankfully, one of my colleagues was kind enough to help me understand that there is a better way to do things 🙂 Writting tests […]